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Manuel Pistner

Hi, I'm Manuel.

the harsh reality about growing a business is this:

More revenue just means more work, more stress and less freedom for you.

Basically, you're always struggling with 2 stressful problems:

1) You don't have enough clients

2) You don't have enough skilled people

And additionally, you are constantly pulled between client issues and team issues which prevents you from fixing 1 and 2 systematically.

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These days, most business owners are getting under pressure, especially in uncertain times. 
Workload goes up, profit margins go down. 

This setup will also show you how you can avoid fixed costs that eat up your profits and stay profitable even in times of crisis.

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From 2012-2018 I was exactly in the same situation.

And after working with over 700 other service providers I can tell you that you are not alone. 

Only a few really successful business owners made the decision to escape this bottleneck and scale profits and freedom.

Some business owners burn out.

Some business owners give up.

Almost the entire industry of service-providers and agencies are trapped in this business setup.

The more my business grew, the faster I was running on this hamster wheel.

Typically we business owners don't have time and focus for working on strategies to grow our business to the next level.

Project issues or team issues cause sleepless nights.

Often, we have no time for friends and family and our work days start and end like this.  

It is a business setup that works without me.

It is a setup that works "self-managing".

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The roadmap will show you how to:

1) Get 4-10h back every week

2) Reduce workload and stress

3) Boost productivity and focus

4) Increase quality systematically

5) Deliver services without you

6) Automate sales by 85% and scale up
Start the Self-Managing Business Roadmap to Build Systems & Teams That Work Without You As The Bottleneck

These are precisely all problems I had from 2012-2018 and that ended in a huge project crash where I almost lost my entire business with 500.000 EUR contract penalties. 

I'll share this drama in my TEDx talk later.

Today I'm happy that this crash has happened as it forced me to find a better way to build and lead my team and my entire business.